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Innovative cooling technology, PCS integrated high-voltage water-cooled machine  leads a new quality productive forces

With the adjustment of the industry structure, improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption in the lithium-ion battery production process have become important issues that battery companies must think about and solve. Formation and grading are some of the most energy-consuming processes in the middle and later stages of battery manufacturing, and its method of improving efficiency and reducing costs is also worthy of attention. Lyric's PCS integrated high-voltage water-cooled machine stands out among various technologies by integrating PCS high-voltage DC technology and water-cooling heat dissipation technology, improving temperature control accuracy, improving storage uniformity, reducing energy consumption, and integrating photovoltaic energy storage.

01 Energy saving

ꔷ Integrating PCS high-voltage DC technology, battery discharge energy can be used in batteries to be charged or fed back to the grid. The charging efficiency is greater than 87%, the discharge efficiency is greater than 82%, and the overall energy consumption is reduced by more than 30%, significantly reducing electricity costs and equipment costs.

ꔷ It can be used in conjunction with photovoltaic energy storage systems to perform peak-shaving and valley-filling of electric energy, saving electricity costs and increasing the utilization rate of green energy.

02 Cutting-edge technology

ꔷ Successfully integrated PCS high-voltage DC technology and water-cooling heat dissipation technology to control the battery temperature control accuracy to ±1°C.

03 Widely applicable

ꔷ The module has an integrated design, no cables, and supports single-channel and multi-channel integrated design. At the same time, the current is compatible with 30A~500A.

ꔷ Bus voltage is 750V, compatible with energy storage system output voltage.

In the future, Lyric will continue to focus on the development needs of the new energy industry, adhere to independent innovation, continue to develop more cutting-edge technologies, improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, and contribute to the sustainable development of the enterprise.




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