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Lyric announcement: The core equipment for the production of solid-state battery dry electrodes was successfully developed

Lyric has successfully developed a core equipment for a dry electrode project with completely independent intellectual property rights. This achievement is due to hundreds of rigorous verifications and a careful commissioning during the project process, we have applied for and obtained multiple invention patents and utility model patents for this project.

It is worth mentioning that as early as December 2021, Lyric and Qingtao Energy signed four contracts for the purchase and sale of solid-state battery production line equipment, from the electrode production section to the formation & grading and inspection section.  The production line was delivered in July 2022.  In the same month, Lyric signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Qingtao Energy, and won the "Excellent Supplier Cooperation and Win-win Award" of Qingtao Energy with excellent product quality and excellent customer service.  From mid-2023, the production line delivered to Qingtao Energy has entered mass production.

In addition, Lyric also delivered semi-solid battery pilot production line equipment to Gotion High-Tech in 2022.

Recently, Lyric and GAC AION Y are also jointly developing all-solid-state battery line equipment projects.

Up to now, Lyric has the whole line equipment R&D and manufacturing capabilities for the production of solid-state batteries.




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